People say if they had cancer or a terminal disease they then would do all the crazy things in life that they have always wanted to do, because hey, you don’t know which day is going to be your last anyways (as if you ever know).

What a tragic thing that is to say, because the reality of it is, if you had a disease like that you would be too sick to do much of anything. You would look back on your days of health and wish more than anything that you could go back in time and actually live all those exhilarating experiences. You would have the profound realization that you only have one, yes o   n   e, life, and now it could possibly be too late.

So, with that said, don’t just favor the cliché motto “live everyday like its your last”, make it a reality. And I assure you, this reality is entirely possible. No, you might not get to go skydiving everyday, but there are practical things you can do. Let go of inhibitions; dance and sing to whatever songs of your choice whenever and where ever you please, its an easy way to begin not caring what others think of you. Always speak your mind, unless it could hurt someone, just say what needs to be said, you won’t regret it. Don’t hold on to anything, all things that are supposed to be in your life will come and stay without effort, and holding on only stunts your progress. Be optimistic, because seeing the good in things will only reap you benefits and send good energy your way; you attract what thoughts you put out into the world. Love yourself, like truly just adore yourself, and there are unending reasons on why you should do this.

Do what ever the hell you want to do, do what truly makes your soul happy, just never let go of your pursuit towards happiness.  Start today.  Learn from the past, plan for the future, but now is the only time for action.