My Travels



While in Pune, India
I traveled to several places
And was able to help in many ways


Maharstra Fellowship For Deaf
I worked with 150 deaf and mute children, daily
Happy Hearts Daycare
I was able to be a “student elementary teacher” teaching ABC’s, addition, art and basic colors to fifteen children ranging form two to eighty years of age
Vanitashray Orphanage
I danced, playd games, made crafts, etc. with the girls there
Medical Camp
I was able to be a medical camp assistant.  I worked with organizing the camp, and was put in charge for caring for the children.  We helped by funding all the medicines for the women and children.
Satvana Home
I worked with twenty children who live there and are all suffereing from HIV or AID’s



Then I went to Kenya, Africa.

Humbard Orphanage
I worked with 23 children, and paid for 13 of their school tuitions, as well as uniforms, toys, and food.
New Beginning Disability School
I worked with the children and adults with special needs, in Kibera Slums.
Ewangan Maasai Night School 
I taught the men at the first ever night school, in Maasai Land.
Kenyatta Hospital
For one week, I worked in Ward 1E in the children’s oncology unit, being a support for the children who were staying there only for chemotherapy and for those who had also been abandoned there, in Nairobi City.
Kibera Slums
I changed the lives of many people living there, including helping rebuild the mudhut of the oldest man who lived there and still paying rent for my friend, because I bought him an apartment to start a new life outside of the slums.

There is nothing greater we can do than lift up those who we have the means of helping, creating a chain reaction of universal compassion.


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