Moving Winds Of Mystery

Our absence of absolute knowledge is what drives us; the search of trying to find answers in order to understand the world around us and within us the best we can.  But there is always a point in understanding when our minds reach a limit of comprehension, such as when we try to toy with these following ideas: a state of utter nothingness, or the infinite existence of fractals, or all the many things which do exist outside of our physical senses; colors invisible to the human eye.  These thoughts can cause us to stumble because they seem to be too great, far beyond our immediate exposure of life.  They are that of which we cannot fathom nor really ponder upon, no matter how far we push our selves to analyze every aspect of information available, nor how far we strain our imaginations.  But in truth, no matter how much we seem to ever-increasingly understand the reachable world around us, we have only tricked ourselves into believing we can actually grasp even such basic foundations…  We dismiss familiar things as if they are less profound, and yet if you search far enough into any one of these more finite things, you will still reach that point of limitation, of incomprehension.  Knowing the processes of how every living things works, or that we all are made up of sub-atomic particles only quenches our insatiable thirst through the usage of terminology, language, and categories by once again conceptualizing and familiarizing.  And yet, we still truly cannot explain what ‘some-thing,’ or more honestly, what ‘any-thing’ is, at it’s core of being.  The only word that can come to mind, is miraculous.  When you concede to the unreachable truths, you will be filled with a sense of awe.  It is at this point of realization, we must stop, silence our minds and open ourselves — especially our hearts — completely, to the awareness of the silent, moving winds of mystery.  Without any questions or search for answers (though curiosity remains), we must let ourselves feel.  Perhaps here, in the absence of any kind of idea we hold to be true, we can find wisdom and simply know, undoubtedly, it is.




Moon Magic

Our spirits wax and wane with the waves of the Ocean,
The Moon moves our minds with ever-changing emotion.
The glimmer of light reflects off the surface of the water
And in our own two eyes,
Can be found a similar sparkle.

When you hear the wind moving the green, vibrant leaves
Do you not feel it to be the same force
Moving your soul, as you breathe?

With the flames of a fires flicker,
As it yawns and it yearns,
Does the heat of the light not make your own passions burn?

All you can see – from the swirls of dust
To the spirals of Galaxies
It all encompasses what you are,
What you are made to be,
A reflection of the very beauty you were born to embody.

Matter has found a way to discover itself,
Think, about itself, ourselves, our cells analyze it’s own game
And now we have become the vessels,
If you follow the fractals,
We are One and the same.

Your body is Earth,
and your mind
It’s very own Universe



On Omnism

To be aware is to see the colorful stream of events lived by each anonymous person – to look into the eyes of a stranger and feel the emotions behind their masks of a concentrated consumer; it is understanding we all present ourselves illusively to make others believe the perception we want them to see, but at the core of us all there is an empathetic unity.

To be awake is to embody the world, as best you can, with your mind – hearing all the humans unspoken stories and recognizing hidden meaning behind miscommunication. It is still feeling hope for those whose ambitions have turned into whispers of their imagination from a time already forgotten; solace in their wistful daydreams.

There is a soft kind of sadness that envelops the minds of those who move too fast, and fearfully do what they’re told. Those of us whom perhaps are ‘enlightened’ hold remembrance of the splendor of sensation, carrying the ideal of magic from childhood into present reality, with mature simplicity. It then is our responsibility to try to re-inspire the light beyond the shadows of their secrets; to incite the trust to be themselves – wholesomely – no matter who that may be. We must look upon the population with an unjudging heart, an open knowledge towards their discretion, and a genuine interest in every made connection.

It is wise to believe in the possibility of creating meaning amidst the mundane meaninglessness. Speak slowly to the open ears of others you do and do not know: ‘What life do you want to create for yourself?’ ‘Today, do you embody who you want to be?’ ‘What unfulfilled desires lay beyond your burdenly belief that you are somehow undeserving?’ ‘Can you remember how to feel happiness with your spiraling fingertips of individuality?’

They may not immediately resonate with the wonder of our words, but be gentle. You do not want to awaken the sleeping people suddenly nor abruptly – wandering back into this reality must be done respectively of their comfortable fragility.

There is so much for all of us to learn, and what a miraculous melancholy realization it is that this moment now, my friend, is all we have. A finite fragment of forever inviting us into the realms of exploration, internal and external. If this may be the entirety of what we get, what a wonderful gift it is. Do not let your hours go to waste. Do not compromise or allow things to be unsatisfactory. Explore your passions – any and all of them – your pursuit to thrive in life will not go unnoticed, your dreams will be adamantly answered by the vibrations of our Compassionate Cosmos. You being in tune with Consciousness is no mistake. The connection again compels me to preach: “We are Creators, not Spectators.”

If we walk along the paths of the future (now, in your minds-eye) we can visualize the structures of our cement cities, corroded into the perspective of remaining ancient relics. For, as we know, every era has its expiration date due to evolution. We become nothing more than a common ancestral species – their existence different from our own. If you look far enough into the uncertain future I speak of, you will see our bones are buried deep within the Earth; all that remains are interesting slabs of metal and concrete shapes.

“Curious forms,” our successors might think; a familiar floating question of what we once perhaps could have been, the past of the human race becoming nothing more than a puzzling mystery. As millenniums continue, the pieces of whom we are no longer even but a memory, story, or history lesson from fading textbooks. The imagination of the higher intelligence will cease to roam so far back. Perhaps, instead, they will simply surmise there has always been life. They will not see what we are in uncovered fossils, or care to know the purposes of what we created.
For in the foreboding future, we will be silent ghosts of a moment’s memory.


We cannot slow down the hands of time, nor speed it up. It ticks to a steady rhythmic beat. But, we should enjoy the essence of life as it stands Now. We are all on our own journey to Nowhere, and though the dust of snowfall may cover our footprints we forge, there is an amazing affirmation in existing as we are. We are here. Here, we are no figment; no, we are the foundation for all to come.

Here, on our World of Wonder, instead of searching for answers seek insightful explanations to ponder upon. Do not be afraid of letting go of things you once thought you knew, for as you fall, you let yourself flow forward; movement from any stagnation is conquered and great growth is congratulated.

If no single thought, belief, opinion or outlook is cast away or excluded, we will be able to coexist independently; we will not need to nervously conform, hide, or dilute our inner joy. Let us achieve a harmonious state where all pure wishes and ways of life can be received. If you are confident in being whoever you are inspired to be, then the veil of control will vanish and our collective consciousness will start streaming with clarity. Do not doubt your power to influence. Within us, there is a Oneness; an empathetic Unity. This is the hidden meaning behind our daily miscommunication. Dissolve the mask of an anonymous person and they will not present themselves illusively. Awaken your imagination to see the colorful stream of events we all simultaneously experience; awareness of such will bring hope to your heart for humanity.

We will soon see there is not a great difference between ‘strangers’ and the people we know – nor ourselves and anyone else – there is an underlying potential of genuine connection waiting to emerge, if only we try, in every smile. Will you now hold the hand of someone you do not know, just to assure them all will be more than alright? Palm in palm, together, we have the power to bless and bestow freedom onto ourselves and our friendships – to circle the globe with kindness, remembering all creatures on this planet to be family.   There is no reason to be afraid anymore. Tear down the walls we’ve built. Destroy the scaffolding of society.  Call upon the ebb of your uninhibited heart to verbalize what you truly see; know; feel; believe.
This is the splendor of sensation encompassing the entirety of our realities.



This moment N O W

Everyday is a new chapter in my life; an opportunity for a fresh start.  I am starting to really understand what it means to “live in the now:”  it is knowing the past cannot be changed and the future is fragile and full of uncertainities.  This is common knowledge that comes with tons of cliche’ mottos, but it takes a while to actually get your head wrapped around it all.  The fleeting second in which we currently exist, and death, are the only two things which seem to be solid, concretely real.  

When your past memories repeat in your mind as they so often do, your present self begins slipping away.  But without memories, you feel like you would forget who you are, because it all makes up who you are, right?  Well, as a thought, consider this.
Events in life effect you, no doubt, but at the center of who you are I believe there is a personality you came into life with; a core-self, despite experiences.  When you were a child, though you had little memories to base your life off of, you still had strong defining characteristics; and you were perhaps more purely yourself than you are now.

Events in life may even make us or sway us to stray away from this natural self, though congruently they help us grow and expand.  We could try on a million different personas and adapt ourself to one that is the absolute opposite of our natural self, and even be that different person for our entire life.  If that were the case though, perhaps we would be on the familiar journey of trying to “find ourself.”  If you are on such a journey, try acting without restraints or inhibitions, like you did as a child, and see if you feel more of who you really are, not pretending to be anyone else.  It may just be that easy to self-actualize, and likewise, that difficult.

Memories change everytime we re-remember them, the future is inconsistent until it arrives, therefore it is not a certainty.  Now, is all we have, and all we really ever will have.
So, let go of anxiety, let go of regrets, let go of fears.  Become Free.

Everyday, every moment, is a new start; make it into exactly what you want, create your perfect reality.
And thank the Universe for the marvelous fraction of a second in which we are blessed enough to exist within.





Change a Life; it Will Change Your Life


Dan, my dear friend, is the man who I am currently paying rent for, in a nice, new apartment. He used to live in the Kibera slums, in the worst conditions imaginable; in a house made of dirt and cardboard, flooding when the rains come, with no toilet, a pathway of mud and feces, no electricity, no safety. Now he lives in a beautiful, clean area, with all those commodities he didn’t have before.
I will never, ever, forget the moment I first showed him his new place, freshly furnished and officially his. He was crying and smiling, saying thank you over and over. Though it wasn’t a very big space, he wasn’t concerned, “What more could a man need?” He said. He was the most genuinely good-hearted person I met in Kenya, helping so many people though he had so little. I believe strongly that good things should happen to good people. I feel so blessed to be able to help him in this way.

It brought me to tears this morning when I got an email from.
He wrote me saying, “I enjoy my new house, it has changed my life and all thanks to you dear for appearing like an Angel in my life. I will all be grateful in all of my life, and I say it from the bottom of my heart. No one has ever done this for me. You are very special. I want to thank you so so much for what you are doing for me .Thank you for you kind heart and may God richly bless you. Now that you are paying me the house rent, Im happy.”


Change a life, it will change your life.




People say if they had cancer or a terminal disease they then would do all the crazy things in life that they have always wanted to do, because hey, you don’t know which day is going to be your last anyways (as if you ever know).

What a tragic thing that is to say, because the reality of it is, if you had a disease like that you would be too sick to do much of anything. You would look back on your days of health and wish more than anything that you could go back in time and actually live all those exhilarating experiences. You would have the profound realization that you only have one, yes o   n   e, life, and now it could possibly be too late.

So, with that said, don’t just favor the cliché motto “live everyday like its your last”, make it a reality. And I assure you, this reality is entirely possible. No, you might not get to go skydiving everyday, but there are practical things you can do. Let go of inhibitions; dance and sing to whatever songs of your choice whenever and where ever you please, its an easy way to begin not caring what others think of you. Always speak your mind, unless it could hurt someone, just say what needs to be said, you won’t regret it. Don’t hold on to anything, all things that are supposed to be in your life will come and stay without effort, and holding on only stunts your progress. Be optimistic, because seeing the good in things will only reap you benefits and send good energy your way; you attract what thoughts you put out into the world. Love yourself, like truly just adore yourself, and there are unending reasons on why you should do this.

Do what ever the hell you want to do, do what truly makes your soul happy, just never let go of your pursuit towards happiness.  Start today.  Learn from the past, plan for the future, but now is the only time for action.



Complexities of the mind

It’s early morning, early enough that the sun has yet to rise
I am contemplating life and pondering about what this day is going to be like
Introspection of the mind us creative creatures carry around
Complexities synchronized with the cylinder rings protruding from the ground
An average day, that’s what I have to expect
But easily, it could be much more… or much less
It’s a funny thing, a funny thing for me to actually say
I’m averaging a total of like, 6000 thousand days
All in order so I can estimate what is going to be forward
Though I know nothing of which I’m actually moving toward
This could be the worst day for me, or the best, in comparison to immediate memories
But no matter which way it goes, in this moment,
The NOW,
I’ll count my blessings as I breathe
For someday I will be silently decaying in the earth
I will become nutrients, from which something will new rebirth
Mm, breathe in,
There is no better air than at 6 in the morning
A time of life, half day and half night, the median, the harmony, the in-between
Breathe out,
What a profound thing called everyday life
A daily processing, a mental memorization and exercise
It repeats again and again
Each new second though, not a first, a bit different
Each time around at least one new thing will be learned,
And a whipser from the cosmos, this place in the universe,
This knowlege I give
You have earned.