Moon Magic

Our spirits wax and wane with the waves of the Ocean,
The Moon moves our minds with ever-changing emotion.
The glimmer of light reflects off the surface of the water
And in our own two eyes,
Can be found a similar sparkle.

When you hear the wind moving the green, vibrant leaves
Do you not feel it to be the same force
Moving your soul, as you breathe?

With the flames of a fires flicker,
As it yawns and it yearns,
Does the heat of the light not make your own passions burn?

All you can see – from the swirls of dust
To the spirals of Galaxies
It all encompasses what you are,
What you are made to be,
A reflection of the very beauty you were born to embody.

Matter has found a way to discover itself,
Think, about itself, ourselves, our cells analyze it’s own game
And now we have become the vessels,
If you follow the fractals,
We are One and the same.

Your body is Earth,
and your mind
It’s very own Universe




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