Surreal Reality

A trillion stars, 
Fragmented shimmers of light beaming down onto me
I fly, so far, into the light show
Instantly, becoming one with the cosmos; 
Earth and spirituality
A weightless soul, 
A body bounded by gravity

A billion thoughts, 
Fragmented pictures I see dancing all around me
I fall, curiosity caught, down into rabbit hole
Gradually, my ego explodes; 
The freedom of every mentality 
An endless mind, 
A body confined by this insane sanity

A million moments,
Fragmented memories leaking subconsciously out of me
I spin, forwards, I spin, backwards, into time 
Simply, the past and the future are not aligned; 
No beginning, no end: my friend, death is rebirth, not a fatality
An effortless heart, 
A body always a part of the present reality




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