Complexities of the mind

It’s early morning, early enough that the sun has yet to rise
I am contemplating life and pondering about what this day is going to be like
Introspection of the mind us creative creatures carry around
Complexities synchronized with the cylinder rings protruding from the ground
An average day, that’s what I have to expect
But easily, it could be much more… or much less
It’s a funny thing, a funny thing for me to actually say
I’m averaging a total of like, 6000 thousand days
All in order so I can estimate what is going to be forward
Though I know nothing of which I’m actually moving toward
This could be the worst day for me, or the best, in comparison to immediate memories
But no matter which way it goes, in this moment,
The NOW,
I’ll count my blessings as I breathe
For someday I will be silently decaying in the earth
I will become nutrients, from which something will new rebirth
Mm, breathe in,
There is no better air than at 6 in the morning
A time of life, half day and half night, the median, the harmony, the in-between
Breathe out,
What a profound thing called everyday life
A daily processing, a mental memorization and exercise
It repeats again and again
Each new second though, not a first, a bit different
Each time around at least one new thing will be learned,
And a whipser from the cosmos, this place in the universe,
This knowlege I give
You have earned.




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